Rae of Sunshine Bows

I have started my own little business! I am making little clippies and bows. It started with me just wanting to accessorize Evie but as I got into it I thought of how much fun it would be to sell. I wanted to open up a booth at our blossom festival but I couldn't get the time to make all of the bows I needed. Instead....

  1. My lovely Mother-in-law spoke to her hair stylist and I'm going to sell them in her salon. Hoping to go today!

  2. I've started a new blog.

  3. I've listed them on craigslist.

  4. I've made a facebook page.

  5. My dear sweet Malisa talked to a salon/boutique owner in SC and I'll send her some to sell.

  6. Word of mouth.

This has been nerve wracking because I could really fail, but also so much fun!!!!

Check out the blog and whatever else. Spread the word to friends!
and just because I can and I think she is so lovely!

Evie's first birthday!

live blogging by Evie during the President's speech

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whew....time to breathe a bit

We've been stretched pretty thin. Monday-Wednesday we had volleyball tryouts. We had about 48 kids tryout, which was a blessing and a curse. We haven't had so many kids interested in volleyball out here for a long time. The A.D. said it's the most he's seen while he's been there. I took it as a huge compliment. It was a curse because we had to break some hearts. We cut about 13 kids, which was very hard.

I have 9 players on Varsity which is great, really manageable...for now =). 4 seniors, 1 junior and 4 sophomores. It will be a fun year!

It was pretty difficult for me leaving Evie so much. I left for the day seeing her asleep and coming home when she was asleep for the night. Jay was great and took her when we had a break from 5-6 but it feels like that wasn't enough. She smiles when she sees me, but I'm not always the one she looks to now, that breaks my heart, but I understand she's around her dad and grandparents throughout the day. Who could ask for a better day care!

I booked my plane ticket to come out to Fresno Sept 13-15. It's a very fast trip, but I'm excited to be there for Kelly's induction to the hall of fame! She is so deserving of it and I'm so proud to have said I've played with her since 7th grade! Evie and I will be making the trip, since I don't get to spend much time with her now.

Jay is hard at work with Evie day care and school and whatever else his passions are! We sold our escape, we have a 2001 nissan altima that was a great deal for us to get almost $14,000 out of debt, thank you Dave Ramsey for giving us the idea!

So that's about it, school is in full swing and volleyball is getting into stride and the Andersons are trying to keep up. There is a great article about our little team in the Daily Record if you are interested.

My goal is to work on Evie's uniforms for the games =) I'll try to post pictures when we are finished.

Need help with Treyford

Well many of you have been witness to the fury that is Trey; whether it was his breath or his obsession over your hair and personal space. But we are having some difficulties with Trey and I'm not sure what to do with him. I love him to death but he's driving everyone nuts.

Trey from time to time urinated or dooked on my bed. Yes, it was disgusting, but he did it. It was a punishment for something I did, someone other than me slept in my bed or I didn't clean the litter box fast enough for his please....whatev. I want to clarify myself before you think I had a bunch of callers. Before Jay and I married our friends the Woodys came out to visit. They used my bed when they stayed since visitors shouldn't sleep on floors, couches, or airbeds. When they left to go home, Trey jumped on the bed, looked me in the eyes, and peed.

Since we've been married we've had family memebers come and stay and Trey hasn't done that. It's been a nice break. He felt that the time to do it was when we came back from vacation. Again, stood on the bed looked me in the eyes and peed, "welcome home assholes"

He hasn't done that for a while either. Now he's doing it every time we lock him in the bedroom when we let Thomas in. He's ruined the mattress and multiple blankets, sheets, and even pillows! He's even gone so far as to pee on the plastic sheet that we put on the bed.

He doesn't pee on our bed in our bedroom, or the baby's crib, couch or anything else. Just that bed.

I'm also getting worried that he is starting to lose weight. He's much skinnier than before.

He's also my tail. He follows me everywhere. Tries to lay on Evie when I'm nursing her. He wants my lap and my attention. I can't help but think these are all related. But the losing weight bothers me. He still scavenges as often as possible. He's always on the counter or trying to knock over the trash.

So if any of you have some insight that would be great. If not it was great just to vent and let it out. I know Jay has had it, but he knows how important Trey is to me. But I can't make excuses for him and I'm tired of cleaning up after him. piss and bleach=sizzle and heat! Never knew it, never really wanted to but there it is.

Solid Foods

Tonight we started Evelyn on solids! She had rice cereal and couldn't get enough. She was so excited. She's been so curious and watching us intently when we eat and gives fits when she want to feel the glass or was time.

We have let her taste a variety of things. Mostly fruit, she's in love with cherries and grapes.

So enjoy!

I gave her some In-n-out strawberry milkshake and she about flipped her lid. This was her reaction after trying it. Gimme more!!!!

Loving the cereal, but not really knowing how to eat it.

The haps

Tomorrow I leave for Alamosa for our summer volleyball tournament. I'm not looking forward to it for two reasons. (1) I have a very bad ear infection and get sick to my stomach when I stand and (2) I'm leaving my family. Evie is going to stay with her grandparents during the day (thank God for them being in town!) and Jay has her during the nights and morning (thank goodness she's sleeping through the night and he's taken care of her since her birth =).

I come home sometime Saturday, depending on how we play Sunday hang out with grandparents, church, clean house, etc. what we do on a typical Sunday. Monday, Jay goes to work, I pack our bags and go to open gym at 7. Jay might take Evie to his Monday Poker madness, I heard she's a big hit! Then Tuesday we are off to Fresburg!!!!!

Of course when we planned this trip we thought Tuesday to Tuesday would be perfect we won't run around, we can really enjoy our friends and family. Well, it's turned into a run around and we can't wait for it =)

Tuesday we get in sometime in the afternoon. Papa Stig is picking us up and we'll go get settled at the house and catch up. Then I think we are going to try to meet up with Tower folk that night.

Wednesday we are off again to Pismo, because one afternoon in Fresno heat we'll need it! We are meeting up with DeRuiters, Winters, and Fortunes play at the beach eat Splash Cafe whatever else we want to do. We are going to stay the night and Thursday meet up with Hirschkorns, Aeillos, and Alarcons for a big bbq on the beach. It's a Pacific volleyball reunion. So many families, parents, kids, dogs, and whoever else wants to join up!

Thrusday night we head home, not sure what the time will be if it's not too late we'd love to visit some Tower folk again.

Friday is family day. My brother and his family are coming up and we are going to the zoo and Rodeing (however you are supposed to spell it) park. We are all goin to hang out and let the girls get to know each other, which means Evie is going to stare at Addie and Addie will want to carry her around and play with her like a doll.

Friday night we've arranged it with Matt or my dad to babysit Evie and we are headed to the Tower to wreck the place. So you all get to make plans, we're in it to win it!!

Saturday we are recovering as well as saying hi to some family friends and spending more time with my family. Saturday night we want to spend some Tower time but Evie will be with us, she's a party animal of her own right.

Sunday we are going to Reedley to spend some time with the Boldt family. We think it will consist of church, lunch and hang out. Sunday night is open.

Monday we will be heading to the Harp-Sligh household to do some good 'ol catching up and hanging out. We want the girls to meet and we also want to spend some time just talking and laughing. Monday night is open.

Tuesday we leave, I'm not sure when but I'd like to spend sometime with my dad and let him have a proper goodbye to his girls and maybe catch up with a couple of friends, but that's kind of a lazy day.

We get back and I have teacher work days and Jay goes back to pounding nails. Evie gets to stay a baby and spend quality time with her grandparents becuase they will miss her a lot as she will miss them a lot too.

So you can see this coming up "vacation" is packed but we are all very excited. It's going to be weird coming back with a kid in tow but how fun it will be for everyone to meet her!